My EVS Project

…takes place on the campsite Le Belvédère in Lastours, France. I do not only work here, I live here. Well, even though it is a campsite I do not live in a tent. Normally I share a room with a girl from Spain in a so called mobile home.

The life on the campsite depends a lot on the weather, because we spend most of our time outside. Starting from the way to the kitchen and the shower in the morning and continuing all day for example just to go to the toilet. Every way leads outside.

If it is good weather (not too hot nor too cold) it is really great to live in a rural area with fresh air and in contact with nature. On our campsite we have a great view on four old castles, which I can enjoy every day outside.


On the other hand on really hot or cold and rainy days you are forced to be outside as well. Even most of the indoor space is not like I am used to it at home. The mobile homes and little houses are not keeping a constant temperature so you are even cold or hot inside. We can still put on air conditioning or heating if it gets really bad, but usually we prefer to avoid this in order to save energy.


Moreover, living on a campsite means to have little or no private space. Since indoor space is rare there are no big bedrooms or private rooms. In my room here there is just space for two normal sized beds and a small closet. Suddenly I feel like I have too many clothes even though I did only bring what I thought was necessary. Living in a community we also share the kitchen, bathrooms and showers as well as the office, actually just everything. At first this might sound really negative, but I think it is not. You need to reduce yourself to the things you really need and you realize that you do not need a lot of stuff to live a happy life.


Additionally, I got to know the other volunteers who live on the camping really fast. We spend a lot (basically all of our time) during work together and a lot of our free time as well. It is not like going to school or university where you see your friends once in a while; it feels more like an international family.

So as you can see life on a campsite is really really different from the life at home. It took me quite some time to adjust, but meanwhile I can still imagine living here for one year, even though I think the winter is going to be freezing cold.

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Gibbo · 27. September 2017 at 18:42

I’m proud to be part of it for a while!
Thanks for the pic of me jumping in the rain.

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